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Mountaire Farms Creed - Fresh Young Chicken

To provide Quality and Service Consistently.

To be honest and fair with everyone including customers, suppliers, community neighbors and each other.

To provide an environment dedicated to personal and corporate growth.

To be good stewards of all the assets God has entrusted to us.

Poultry House Construction

The Big House

Changes in poultry house construction has led to the 66’ x 600’ size as a new standard.

Key factors that encouraged Mountaire to pursue this Big House concept:

  • Better Cash Flow - economy of scale lowers the cost per square foot to build.
  • Energy Efficiency – energy cost is divided over more capacity while having the same number of ventilation cycles as a smaller building.
  • Environmental Stewardship – a smaller footprint of land preserves farm land and open space.

Contact Mountaire to learn how our philosophy of organized, stable growth has been successful in allowing our housing department to remain on the cutting edge of new technology while setting the standard in performance.