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Chickin' Pickin' Championship

About Chickin' Pickin':

The Mountaire Chickin’ Pickin’ Championship is a contest of speed, skill and strategy designed to determine the fastest chicken picker on the Peninsula.  Competitors have 5 minutes to pick and shred as much cooked meat from our oven roasted chickens as possible.  The 2 hour event features twenty contestants who square off five at a time through four preliminary heats, with the winner of each heat moving onto the championship round. These twenty competitors have unlimited cooked 'birds available to them throughout the 5 minute rounds, however they must pick and shred all the meat and skin from the breast, thighs, legs, wings and back of each 5 lbs roaster before they can move onto a new 'bird.  Contest judges are on stage to determine when a 'bird is deemed completely picked to the bone and a contestant can move to the next one.  Each competitor places all the picked meat in a meat tray, which is then weighed at rounds end to determine who moves onto the finals for a chance to win the $500 in prize money and claim the title of Mountaire Chickin’ Pickin’ Champion! 
Upcoming Events:


Saturday, June 22nd @ the Delmarva Chicken Festival in Snow Hill, MD
1pm to 3pm
Contestants will be picked from the crowd and will receive a Chickin' Pickin' T-shirt
The overall winner will receive the $500 in prize money plus a gold plated belt buckle!

Results from Chickin' Pickin' IX at the Delaware State Fair - 07.20.12:

The 9th edition of the Mountaire Chickin’ Pickin’ Championship took place at the Delaware State Fair on Friday, July 20th and featured a faithful twist courtesy of 88.7 the Bridge and the twenty local youth pastors who participated.  Cloudy and cool conditions didn’t keep the crowd away as hundreds crammed inside the tent to catch the action and perhaps cheer on their particular pastor; each one competing for a $700 donation for their church....for the full story click here

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